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Natural & effective care for young skin!

2.Daily skincare
3.Weekly skincare

1. Preparation: cleansing, exfoliation & toning

Cleansing is the first and most important step for healthy, glowing skin. By removing impurities, we help our skin deeper absorb the beneficial ingredients of other face care products. APIVITA suggests 3 steps for clean and radiant skin:

•Step 1 – cleansing: Using a mild cleanser, day and night, we can effectively remove impurities, oiliness and makeup. For the cleansing of the sensitive young skin APIVITA suggests the Cleansing gel for oily/combination skin with propolis & citrus, with 96% natural composition.

•Step 2 – exfoliation: Exfoliating products offer deep cleansing while removing dead cell and impurities. At the same time they rejuvenate the skin, offering radiance. APIVITA suggests the Deep exfoliating cream with olive, 87% natural composition. Use once or twice per week after cleansing. Avoid using the product if you suffer from acne.

•Step 3 – toning: Toners, with their natural cleansing agents, remove impurities and excess oil without dehydrating the skin. They also help restore skin’s natural pH, preparing it for hydration. APIVITA suggests the Purifying tonic lotion for oily/combination skin with propolis & citrus, 98% natural composition.

2. Daily skincare: hydration
A common mistake we usually make, is the notion that young oily skin doesn’t need hydration because that would make it even oilier. The suitable hydrating products increase the young skin’s moisture levels while regulating the oil secretion. APIVITA suggests theAqua Vita 24 Hour moisturizing cream for oily/combination skin with chaste tree & propolis, 98% natural composition. Apply day and night on cleansed skin.
3. Weekly skincare: masks

Masks offer deep cleansing and rejuvenate the skin. For removing excess sebum and pore tightening, APIVITA suggests the Deep cleansing mask with green clay, 89% natural composition, and the Express Beauty mask for young oily skin with propolis, 92% natural composition. Apply the mask of your choosing once or twice per week, after cleansing and exfoliating, and prior to toning and hydration.

4. Suncare
Suncare is an essential step in our skincare regime throughout the year, because it offers protection against UVA and UVB radiation, it enhances skin’s defense and maintains its natural moisture. APIVITA suggests the Light texture face cream for oily/combination skin SPF30 with sea lavender & propolis, 83% natural composition.

5. Lifestyle
Even though we saved it for the end, lifestyle is probably the most important factor. A balanced diet (we must never forget that we are what we eat), exercise and sleep are extremely beneficial for our mind and body. Puberty, with the accompanying hormonal explosion and the drastic changes it brings in the teenager’s life, calls for a combination of forces to offer fitness, calm and the necessary positive thinking!

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