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Nail Polish Strips Brand Comparison

Lately nail companies such as OPI and Sally Hansen have realized that no one has time to spend hours creating intricate nail designs, so they designed nail strips which are sticky and designed to be placed on the nail in place of paint. You cut off the excess and simply add a top coat. Its like an instant nail salon. But which style are you going for? Keep reading to learn which companies offer which styles and for what price so that you can make the most informed decision and have the best nails on the block.

Sally Hansen:
Sally Hansen products have long been the go-to company for nail products and body hair dyes, but their new product, the nail strips, are really being marketed to a new generation of fast-paced fabulous women who want salon perfect nails without having the time to go to the salon. Sally hansen has some interesting designs, ranging from professional and pretty to just plain ugly. One of my favorite designs, laced up would look perfect for any event with its swirl of black flowers over a gray backdrop, while my least favorite design, tattoo much looks like an ed hardy design gone completely wrong. These are quite easy to find at either target or walgreens and only cost around $12.

OPI has always been known for producing quality nail polish colors with even more colorful names. These salon quality polishes are usually a bit more expensive, but they last longer without chipping and come in some of the most unique colors. To keep up with popular trends, OPI has released its own set of nail strips called SEPHORA by OPI which cost $12 and can be purchased at SEPHORA or online. The nail designs are very intricate, including lace designs as well as more modern art type nails. Based on the quality of nail products that OPI produces, its safe to assume that you will be getting your money’s worth with this nail strip collection.

A lesser known brand, InCoco, makes a wide variety of nail strips that are beautifully designed, and not at all childish or gaudy. These designs will set you back $9, but with the wide variety, its worth it. One of my favorite designs, Dream World is a glittery scale pattern that looks exquisite. The best part about InCoco is that they have such a wide variety of different nail polish patterns that you will be able to find the perfect polish for the perfect event. The only downside is that they are not sold by major retailers which means you have to plan ahead in order to get these strips online and give them enough time to arrive.

OMG nails:
OMG nails specialize in nail strips, and similar to InCoco, are only available online. These nail strips are by far the cheapest at $6.89 per style. One thing that really sets OMG nails apart is that they have very professional nail designs, like a black horizontal stripe design, while also having more youth oriented nail designs that are perfect for kids, such as smiley faces and bubbles.

While all four companies have various strengths and weaknesses, it all comes down to what you prefer. You should try out all the different brands and see which one works best. Make sure to review them online so that the companies can learn where they could improve.

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