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Must Have Make Up: Face Creams Moisturizers

Face cream moisturizer is not only good as the make up base, but it is good to feed your hungry skin. Besides, it has also three more functions:

As the protector from free radical damage. Every day, we deal with pollution, smoke, and junk food. Those things carry on free radical substance. This substance is dangerous since it can make your skin dry and dull. Moisturizer has the power to cover your skin from getting direct interaction with free radical substance, so it will lessen the effect.
To make it elastic. Dryness in your skin can be caused of so many things. Lack of liquid, pollution, and age will make your skin less elastic. Face cream moisturizer will help you to get elastic skin, since it triggers your skin to produce more oil and collagen. Oil and collagen are good in keeping your skin soft and elastic.
Protect your skin from UVA and UVB. A lot of moisturizers have sun screen protector substance on it. This substance will block UVA and UVB radiation. Those sun rays will not only make your skin dry, but it will make uneven dots in your skin.
Anti-aging. As your skin gets hydrated and elastic, it will look like years younger than its hould be.
What Your Skin Type Needs the Most

When you buy moisturizer, it is better to know what your skin type needs. If you have dry skin, choose the crème moisturizer that will hydrate it longer than lotion. Dry skin is allowed to get oil base moisturizer. For oily skin, it is better to have gel or lotion water base moisturizer. The light texture and water substance don’t block the pore, so it won’t trigger acne or blackheads. For combination skin, use water base or fruit base moisturizer to control the oil production and hydrate the dry area.

For oily skin, summer can be the biggest enemy since it makes the oil production goes uncontrolled. And for the dry skin, winter is their immortal emesis. The dry, cold weather will make their skin even drier than ever. And if it is taken for granted, their dry skin will get extremely dry, flaky, and even peeled. Well, the best way to prevent it from going worse is using natural skin moisturizer.

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