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Kitchen Ingredients To Get Rid of Cracked Heels

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Cracking in the heels is really a general problem to many people because of several reasons. The various reasons for the cracked heels are improper hygiene care, utilization of wrong shoes and socks, insufficient moisturizer, improper foot care, dry air and unhealthy diet.
Cracked heels really are a common problem in hot countries therefore it may happen to anyone as the skin around our heels are incredibly hard and dry plus it take lots of hard work to make sure they’re hydrated and moisturizer otherwise they get too dry and damaged and start looking dull very easily here are a few simple home remedies that you could keep your beautiful feet beautiful and healthy ever.

Almond Oil

We often use almond to lighten the skin we have. Therefore, we can also use almond oil to lighten dark circles around your skin. Take almond oil and apply around your vision with fingers on the affected region. Leave it overnight and was with cold water following day. If you are not sure of using Almond oil, use Vitamin E oil to get rid of the dark patches.


Use lemon to dull the rough skin, the main reason for cracked heels. The astringent properties of lemon works from the rough skin and provide you best results.
Take a lemon making into two half’s, squeeze one half part in to warm water and soak your legs as much as 10 minutes. Don’t go for very hot water, which worsts the health of rough foot. After soaking, wash your foot using the pumice stone and soap and then clean having a smooth towel. Alternatively you are able to directly apply the lemon juice within the foot and rinse off with pumice stone and soap.

Baking Soda

Soaking the feet in a mixture of water and baking soda is a great remedy for dry feet. This remedy may be used to treat dryness from all other parts of the body too. You can soak the human body in baking soda bath for some minutes to get rid of skin dryness.

Rice Flour

Exfoliating your skin helps to remove out the dead and flaky particles formed within the body. Use rice flour to exfoliate your heels and also to get rid of the cracking problem.
To organize your home made feet exfoliator, you simply need three ingredients that are handy in your home. They are Rice flour, honey and apple cider vinegar. Mix three table spoons of rice flour with one table spoon of honey and something table spoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix them well to create a thick paste. If you are having extreme cracking in your heels,then a table spoon of olive or almond oil. First soak your foot within the warm water for five to ten minutes after which massage the scrub within the foot gently.

Vegetable Oil

Rubbing vegetable oil on dry feet is among the ancient dry feet remedies. The oil may be used on other skin areas and to get rid of dryness. The above discussed natural treatments would help in improving the beauty and softness from the feet, while getting rid of the dryness. It is usually better to take some precautionary measures ahead of time as far as possible, so that the feet don’t get dry.

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