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How to become a succesful mobile hairdresser

The first and most important thing you will need to consider is how you will attract new customers. There are many forms of paid advertising available such as leaflet delivery companies, local directories and free papers, local press ads, google adwords, trade fairs and events or of course having website designed and built for you.

I would say your website and facebook pages will be the two most important ways in which you can attract new customers. The great thing is these can be absoloutley free!

I build my own website using joomla which, although it takes a little learning, is extremley simple to use and you need very little technical knowledge to get started and build a great website.

You can check out my website here


Facebook is also incredibly useful. Get involved, network, talk to friends of friends look for groups and topics which relate to hairdressing and make contact with people. I often run competitions and deals through facebook encouraging people to like and share my page which drives vistors and expands my network.

Once you have your website built you will need to find a hosting and domain company and it really pays to shop around here as it can save you a lot of money!

Of course you may wish to pay somebody else to manage all of this for you but remember the more you spend the less you make! The whole point of a mobile hairdressing business is a low cost, high proffit business model. The costs for advertising and web designa and development are based on larger business with much larger turnovers so can be prohibitavley expensive for mobile hairdressers.

Once you website is up and running you will need to get the link to your page out there on the web, this will invite visitors to your page and increase your rankings with search engines. Try web directories, article submissions sites, forums, blogs and social bookmarking pages.

Once you have got your name out there, what then?

Do a lot of research. Who is your competition, what do they charge? What services do they offer? Is there more skills you could gain to get a competative edge?

Customer service is absoloutley key. You will be welcomed into peoples homes so you need a strong a friendly relationship with your clients. They need to feel comfortable having you around and ideally look forward to your visits.

Mobile hairdressing isn’t for everyone and many mobile hairdressers quit before long but if you have good hairdressing skills, love meeting people and have an eye for business and self promotion you can earn a serious income.

If you decide to give it a try I wish you all the best, it really is a fantastic career!

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