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Henna Hair Dye Colours Best For Hair With Inherent Multiple Advantages

grey hairs on their head as it appears that they have grown old. Hence, colouring of the hair is a natural step for many people. Instead of going for the box colours, which have plenty of chemicals, best hair colour would be that of henna. Henna is a natural dye derived from plants, which has greenish leafy looks as a powder, but produces brownish to reddish tinge on the hair. Clandestine advantages of henna are so much that as people use these, they gradually change their preferences for any other kind of hair colours, even though the best claims are made. Again, artificial chemicals obviously do not stand in competition with the natural henna hair dye colors.

Proven efficacy, but some simpler downsides
Experts on this particular kind of dye do believe that henna shouldn’t be exclusively used for hiding the grey hairs. This plant derived product is beneficial in so many ways for the hair that one can use it for strengthening the hair, adding fluffiness, shine and lots more. Both, men and women can use it for varying purposes and reasons. If everything good about henna hair dye colors is there, it doesn’t mean that there are downsides. Coloring of the grey hair is not complete in a couple of applications. If people are thinking about using this for one or two sittings, then they will be disappointed as all the grey hairs are not hidden. Furthermore, the process of preparing and application of the best henna for hair requires a number of paraphernalia, and is not as simple as opening the bottle and applying on the hair.

Proper utilisation, regular use begets advantages in plenty

Someone, who is ready to soak the henna powder for 12 hours or so, mixed with boiled amla or fenugreek leaves and add a tinge of lemon, then the best hair color would be derived. Color which is finally seen after washing off the henna is not uniform in everyone. It will depend a lot on the time for which the application is kept on the hair, the amount of mixture, the kind of hair, and few other factors. But, the best henna for hair is a statement that is justified in its advantages. Along with coloring of the hair, henna keeps the tresses healthy, shiny and gorgeous. Roots are strengthened and the henna dye coats the strands, so that there is a smoothness and voluminous hair. It is also said to be a good conditioner for hair. Dandruff treatment is also believed to be found in this plant derivative dye. With so much good in favour of henna, it is time for people to stop searching for best hair color and start using henna and see their hair get strengthened.

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