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Experts explain your hair care problems

It is difficult to solve the problem of accumulated from hair and make hair healthy shine hair wefts need to be replaced periodically .

First of all, to say something interesting but very seriously. We human being is a kind of animal, like animal molt, when the transition from winter to spring, we naturally from the thick “winter hair” into the light and slightly dilute “Spring hair”, so if you every hair is still in the root, so do not worry too much. Heart.

Of course means or to take. After all, when the whole climate temperature and humidity change more obvious, we scalp condition will change, coupled with the pollen in the spring, dust and other factors make the body allergic phenomenon, resulting in the spring become sensitive scalp, the hair is relatively obvious.

It should be to prevent the removal of the series of products with scalp maintenance repair to alleviate the problem, improve sensitive phenomena reduce hair condition.

Anti-drop Xihu products, components and practices to be gentle

In the final analysis, but also from the scalp hair. Scalp as headquarters, to provide all the nutrition and metabolism, but is also very fragile.

A famous hair care brand once and “take life as a science laboratory” fruit shell network made a on hair science assembly, which describes a lot about scalp facts. For example, the scalp and facial skin structure is basically the same, are composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, but more thin, and more out of the oil, the oil is most easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, become the indirect factors of aging. By spring, the scalp more suffer suddenly enhanced ultraviolet, city pollution, and rising temperature force persecution, if also bear greater stimulation in the other, then the problem will appear, hair loss is just one of them.

Because when we choose the anti-off products, in addition to the attention of ingredients of mild, choose mainly plant essence categories of products, more attention should be paid to techniques, don’t rub scratches, but should be more gentle. The correct way is to apply moderate amount of the product onto the wet hair, the light caught rather than rubbing way to foaming, and use the pulp massage the scalp, full of bubbles, and then to 40 degrees below the rinse water. Aiming at the serious problem that sooner or later the scalp, and stay for 5 minutes, after two weeks of use can effectively improve the scalp problems. After the improvement, can be restored to normal shampoo.

Special hair care, good hair foundation

In fact, our scalp like facial skin, there is an old age, should probably start by the age of forty. But because of city life and work pressure, before most people here began to scalp aging. The aging of the scalp is not very good support, also can’t guarantee a sufficient amount of hair follicle to grow, so will cause severe hair loss, hair is more and more loose.

To want to maintain good skin, just a simple cleaning is not enough, need more professional care. First of all, the four seasons care criteria and skin are similar, the spring, summer, soothing oil fall off, winter dandruff. This means, your product will change with the seasons change, in the spring, the sensitive problems will solve the scalp.The professional hair stylists also remind everybody that just cares your cheap bonded hair extensions as beautiful women caring their skins .

To solve the sensitive, hand to prepare two cleaning products, according to the scalp and hair, collocation or interval with different components, which will make the scalp to absorb the nutrition is comprehensive, and the flora balance, natural resistance to enhance. On the other hand, frequent dye is absolutely intolerable, especially for sensitive scalp, will greatly increase the vulnerability to scalp, scalp problems.

Secondly, some special problems need to deal with the spring. For example, ultraviolet radiation, is suggested to choose added sunscreen ingredients hair conditioner or refreshing Sunscreen Spray, twenty minutes before going out in the outermost layer of hair spray and the hairline, and avoid long time exposure to strong sunlight.

Finally, in order to make the scalp more rugged, scalp care professional is very important. As for the facial skin care routine mask and go to SPA, scalp care must also be in a professional and effective self-help mode to realize rejuvenation. Especially the change garments according to the season and after perm and dyeing, should seek professional salon care, focus on improving the health of the scalp and resistance.As a fashion girl ,if you wear cheap micro ring hair extensions ,you should know something about it .

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