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All about a hair transplant surgery at Harley Hair Clinic in London

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To a considerate candidate of hair transplant, there are a large number of hair restoration clinics in London that are one of the best in the country and even the world. These clinics are not hard to find and sometimes a good clinic narrows down your main quest of finding your right hair transplant surgeon in London.

Hair Transplant and hair fall are two different things, in hair fall, hair just comes off the scalp with the tiny bulb like follicle at the end of it much likely to be the anagen hair but new follicles grow and hair fall doesn’t mean to last in baldness or thinness, wherein hair loss is that the follicle stays inside the scalp and becomes weak to the reaction of a steroid called DHT that secretes from male androgens. And as hair loss and non-androgenic
The anticipation of days and limits can be well imagined when time is passing by and you are losing a lot of the hair you once boasted of and never thought of parting with it. We love our hair, whether we are men or women, our hair defines our face in a great deal and hair loss and baldness can be really disquieting to both men and women. Either ways, a hair transplant surgery is largely sought by both men and women; given the ratio of men in some digits is more than that of women.
Hair Transplant surgery for Women involves the same procedures that of men, but it is just that as usually women’s hair loss. First of all as long as women are experiencing baldness and hair thinning they should go for medications and remedies to prevent or slow down the process. As surgeons suggest as long there are no occurrence of baldness there is no requirement to go for a hair transplant surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplantation is done by harvesting donor hair from the patient’s back of the scalp by removing a strip of skin containing numerous evened quality hair follicles and further dissecting 1-5 hair follicular units under microscopic dissection. This procedure takes 7-10hours of time in which it can yield up to 3,000 hair grafts which is enough for a normal baldness patches. If the patient desires more density and the donor supply permits, then the same procedure is repeated either on the same time given how much time is left for the session or a second session is fixed.

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the minimal invasive technique wherein each hair follicular unit consisting 1-4 hairs is plucked directly from the donor site eliminating the need for removing a strip of skin and the resulting linear scar.
In the FUE hair transplant technique the back of the scalp is fully shaved to identify hair follicular units, which will be directly plucked using a tweezers sort of instrument called forceps and micro punches. By this method surgeons can extract 2-5 hair follicular units at a time or can extract one hair graft at a time and regardless to say this process demands avid time, patience and concentration of the surgeon. And to perform this whole procedure the patient must undertake and follow the pre-op as well as post-op instructions given by the surgeon.
The FUE hair transplant procedure is often chosen over the FUT technique clearly because of the less scaring and invasiveness. The patient can start and get over with the downtime within as less as 2weeks. However, the FUE technique is not maintenance free or scar free procedure, there are some very important safety measures as well as post op care to be maintained religiously.

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